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Zolmitriptan OD Tablets 2.5 mg for treatment of migraine attacks (triptan, headache, Zomig)

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Zolmitriptan OD 2.5
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What are Zolmitriptan OD Tablets 2.5 mg for treatment of migraine attacks (triptan, headache, Zomig)?

Zolmitriptan OD tablets are a medication prescribed for the treatment of migraine attacks. This pharmaceutical agent belongs to the class of triptans, which are specifically designed to manage migraines. Its mechanism of action primarily involves the constriction of blood vessels and the modulation of pain signaling pathways within the brain.

Zolmitriptan exerts its effects by binding to serotonin (5-HT1B/1D) receptors located on blood vessels in the brain. Upon activation of these receptors, vasoconstriction occurs, reducing the dilation of cranial arteries, which is a prominent feature of migraine attacks. This constriction subsequently reduces the release of inflammatory neuropeptides and the transmission of pain signals, thereby alleviating the headache associated with migraines.

The orally disintegrating form of Zolmitriptan is advantageous for patients who may experience nausea and difficulty swallowing during migraine attacks. It rapidly dissolves in the mouth, allowing for quick absorption through the oral mucosa, thus expediting relief.

The effectiveness of Zolmitriptan OD tablets in the treatment of migraines has been demonstrated in clinical studies. When taken at the onset of a migraine attack, Zolmitriptan has been found to relieve migraine-related symptoms such as headache, photophobia, phonophobia, and nausea in a significant proportion of patients. 

Active principles: zolmitriptan

Amount: 12 tablets

Maker: Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Nihon Generic Co., Ltd., Towa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Japan

Indications: treatment of migraine attacks

How to take

Adults should take 1 tablet (2.5 mg of the active principle) at a time, after migraine attack occurred. If you need to take an additional dose, the interval between two doses should be at least 2 hours. Your doctor may increase the dosage up to 2 tablets (5 mg) from next attack. However the daily maximum dosage of 4 tablets (10 mg) should never be exceeded in any case. 

This medicine may be taken with or without water. If you take the tablet without water, moisten it with saliva on the tongue, then lightly squash with the tongue, and swallow with saliva.

This medicine should be taken only after onset of headache (migraine). Avoid taking this medicine in order to prevent migraine.

Contraindications: do not use for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Do not use for patients with a history of myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular accident or transient cerebral ischemic attack; do not use for patients with ischemic heart disease or any signs of it, variant angina (coronary vasospasm), peripheral vascular disorder or hypertension.

Important information

  • If you don't feel any relief upon taking the first dose of the medicine, do not increase the dosage. Stop using this medicine and consult with your doctor. 
  • Never take this medication for the prevention of migraines. It only should be used upon the onset of migraine attack. 
  • As this medicine may cause sleepiness, patient should avoid driving a car, operating dangerous machinery or working at heights. 

If an allergic reaction occurs, patient needs to stop using the medicine and consult with their doctor. If patient is taking any other medication or treatment, they should consult with their doctor in advance.

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