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Scientific Endorsement of Eclar Plaster with Deprodone Propionate for Alleviating Inflammation, Scarring, and Keloids

Is Eclar Plaster with Deprodone Propionate Really Effective? Eclar plaster, enhanced with depro..
100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee
Guaranteed 100% refund for lost / heavily damaged insured items, payment system’s full protection and money-back guarantees.
Worldwide Delivery
Worldwide Delivery
Worldwide delivery to almost any country by Japan Post or courier services. Fast and reliable with tracking.
Discrete Stealth shipping provided
Discrete Stealth shipping provided
We state different content and may reduce price upon request. We can also ship from a different name if needed.
Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
Real tracking numbers’ report for customers published monthly, real useful customer reviews and feedback data updated on constant basis.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

1. General Terms

Store – the online-shop displayed on the webpage

Goods – any products, including medicines, supplements, cosmetics and devices presented for sale in the store

Seller – Tokyo Medical

Customer – any person or entity who placed the order in the store

Transport company - a third party that provides services for the international delivery of goods to from Seller to Customer.

2. General Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are a public offer in accordance with the laws of Japan.

When purchasing goods in the store, Customer agrees to these Terms. The fact of acceptance of Terms and Conditions is confirmed by pressing the "Buy" button at the last stage of the order. If by any means Customer cannot agree to Terms and Conditions, they should not purchase the goods in the store. Seller reserves the right to change Terms and Conditions due to changes in Japanese laws, changes in Transport company or Japanese customs rules or other significant changes affecting business model. Due to this, Customers agrees to monitor changes in Terms and Conditions before placing an order. 

3. Order

In general, an order should be placed on the webpage of a specific product or the shopping cart. In case of technical inability to place an order on the website, an order can be placed via e-mail, in this case the order is considered as being placed after the confirmation on the Seller's behalf. 

Customer must specify the actual contact information while placing the order, including full name, address, phone number and other information, if required by Transport company or customs. Seller is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by Customer. 

The expected date of shipment of goods to Customer is provided by Seller after placing the order. The date depends on the availability of the ordered goods to the warehouse of the Seller, the time required for the production of goods and the date of completing the payment by the Customer. 

In case the Seller cannot provide goods listed in the Customer's order, the Seller shall inform the Customer by sending e-mails or phone specified by the customer during registration. The Customer has the right to choose a replace from the goods in the store within the price of the unavailable goods or to cancel this position of the goods from the Order. In the the Customer does not respond within 5 days after the notice, the Seller reserves the right to cancel the unavailable goods from the order automatically.

Under any circumstances an order of prescription medicines with completed payment cannot be canceled, and the payment for such orders cannot be refunded. In case the wrong item was shipped or the product has arrived strongly damaged (for liquids and vials only), Seller shall send substitute for free. In this case, Customer should contact the Seller within 5 days from acceptance of parcel, providing the photos of wrong or damaged goods. 

All materials displayed in the store are for reference only and can not be considered as an accurate information about the properties and characteristics of the goods, including colors, sizes and shapes. Goods may slightly vary from those shown in the picture. The product package may change without prior notification, in this case, quality, dosage, active ingredients and amount should stay the same. If the Customer needs a specific maker, package, type (e.g. OD tablets) or has any other concerns upon the properties and characteristics of the goods, before placing an order, the Customer should contact the Seller in advance. 

4. Shipping

The international delivery of the goods from Seller to Customer is provided by Transport company. The payment to the Transport company is fulfilled by Seller. The estimate delivery date depends on the delivery address and type of shipping chosen by Customer. The estimate shipping date is stated by Seller in the confirmation of order sent to Customer and depends on the availability of goods and the time needed for exporting the prescription medicines, if included in the order. 

Customer is obliged to check all import regulations of the country of delivery before placing an order, to receive the parcel in time and to pay any taxes or dues that are to be paid according to laws of the country and region of the delivery. The Seller does not take any responsibility in cases Customer failed to fulfill those obligations. 

If for some reason the parcel returns to Seller, Customer is obliged to pay return shipping fee and second shipping fee, and the Seller is obliged to send the parcel after that. If customer fails to pay within 14 days after the Sellers inform the Customer about the returned parcel, the order is considered to be voided by Customer's behalf and the goods are disposed off. However, if parcel returns due to mistake on the Seller's behalf (incorrectly inputted address, name etc., while Customer has provided the correct information in time), the return fee and the second shipping fee are to be paid on the Seller's behalf. 

By default Seller states goods price as not exceeding 30USD per parcel to secure parcels from being theft during transportation. If Customer desires the goods to be fully insured, the Customer should advice the Seller when placing an order and to pay insurance fee of 3-5%. In case the parcel is damaged or lost, Seller can only refund within the amount of declared value of the goods. If the Customer hasn't instructed the Seller to place the full insurance and hasn't payed the insurance fee before sending the goods, Seller cannot refund in full. As stating full price may result in parcel's check and additional taxation as per regulations of the country of the delivery, Customer should pay close attention when choosing of whether to apply full insurance. 

The Seller is obliged to support the custom clearance of the goods ordered by Customer by issuing certificates (if available) or invoices upon the inquiry on Customer's behalf.  In order to ship the goods via available express options, Seller can repack the goods and discard the glass or plastic bottles if needed, shipping in safe packs instead. If Customer does not want the goods to be repacked for shipping, Customer should advice the Seller upon placing the order as it may limit the delivery options due to Transport company's limitations. In any case, the repacked product can not be a reason for return or refund.

Express shipping refers to method used to ship goods, choosing Express shipping will reduce the delivery time, however, it does not reduce the time from payment receipt to the moment goods are shipped.

5. Payment

The goods are to be shipped by Seller after receiving 100% prepayment for the goods and delivery fee from the Customer. The price of the goods is listed in the store, however, it may be changed by the Seller due to changes in manufacturer's price. The price of goods ordered by the Customer can not be changed.

Payment shall be made by wire transfer. Prices include the consumption tax.

Seller shall be entitled to provide the Customer Discount for goods and install the program bonuses. Types of discounts, bonuses, terms and conditions can be changed unilaterally by the Seller.

6. Privacy and personal information

When registering in the store, Customer provides the following information: e-mail, receiver's first and last name, full and correct delivery address, contact phone number and any other information if required by Transport company or local regulations in the country of the delivery (e.g. individual tax number). 

Seller uses the information provided by Customer for the following purposes

  • to fulfill its obligations to the Customer;
  • to analyze the store's work,
  • to provide the Customer actual information about the store's work, including discounts, product news, delivery updates etc. 

Seller shall not disclose information received from the Customer to third parties, excluding the cases when the Seller agents and third parties are acting under contract with the seller, to fulfill Seller's obligations to the Customer, and only to the extent necessary for the performance of their obligations (e.g. Seller should provide to Transport company the information it requires to delivery the goods). Also, the information may be disclosed upon the inquire of Japanese authorities in cases stated by Japanese law. 

Seller has the right to use the technology "cookies". "Cookies" do not contain confidential information and are not shared with third parties. Seller receives the information about the IP-address of the Customer. This information is used to identify the Customer and to analyze the store's work and is not disclosed to third parties. 

7. Returns and refunds

Seller does not accept any returns and issues no refunds on prescription medicines under any conditions. In case the wrong item was shipped or the content of the goods has arrived strongly damaged (liquids and vials, the damage of the outer box is not considered a reason for the return, resend or refund), Seller shall send substitute for free. In this case, Customer should contact the Seller within 5 days from acceptance of parcel, providing the photos of wrong or damaged goods. 

In case the content of the goods, including tablets, capsules, vials and bottles with liquids, is damaged, Seller is obliged to refund the exact amount of the damaged goods, calculated of price per 1 tablet/vial/capsule, or to send substitute for free if more then 50% of the goods are damaged. The damage of the outer box is not refunded. 

Before placing an order, Customer is obliged to receive required medical prescription, to check local import regulations and prepare required documents for import. In case the parcel is returned to failing to fulfill the local custom regulations in the receiver's country, after completing the payment for the return fee and second shipping fee, Customer may ask the Seller to reship to another country.

In case the parcel is damaged or lost, Customer should refer to article 4 “Shipping”. In order to get the full refund, Customer needs to pay insurance fee in advance. If this fee is not paid, the lost or damaged goods may not be compensated. 

Any personal changes on the Customer's behalf (e.g. changing your mind, not needing medicine anymore, finding another solution etc.) cannot be considered a reason for return or refund. 

8. Claims

In general, claims are to be done in accordance with the previous paragraphs of the current Terms and conditions. 

In case wrong item was sent, Customer should advise within 5 days from the date when the parcel was received according to tracking system. Customer should provide the photos of the received items. 

If wrong amount (less amount, less dosage) is received, an exact weight should be measured. Place original package, box or pack on scale together with all items inside and take a photo. We shall compare with our data and proceed to further actions.

In case Customer have not receive the parcel, they should contact Seller within 1 month from the date of shipment for all types of delivery excluding sea mail and within 4 months for sea surface mail. Claims sent after this time shall not be subject for settlements.

In case Customer has any claims, they should contact Seller first. If payment chargeback is done without prior contacting Seller's support service or with violating current terms of use, Customer may be banned permanently from the store. 

In case patient is allergic to any substance, Customer is obliged to inquire the full compound before use and to check the possible allergies. If patient is taking any other medicine or taking any other treatment, they should consult with their doctor before use. The Seller cannot be responsible for any kind of medical consequences or reactions when using the goods from the store. 

9. Other conditions

The relations between the Customer and the Seller are determined by Japanese law and in case of any disputes Japanese law should be used for solving the complications. All questions and complaints from Customer to Seller should be directed via the contact information stated in the store. In case of any disputes, both side should make their best to resolve the dispute through negotiation, if could not agree, the dispute shall be referred to the judicial authority in accordance with applicable law. 
All text and graphic information in the store are the property of the Seller and / or its contractors and cannot be used without the permission. 
Accepting this terms of use Customer confirms that they have prescription from licensed doctor or medical institute and they will do no uncontrolled self-medication under any circumstances. All medicines must be used under supervision of doctor only. In case Customer fails to fulfill these terms, Seller shall bare no responsibility civil or legal under any circumstances. When Customer places order, Seller deems that Customer is in possession of prescription and shall not check this possession. 
Seller shall never prescribe specific course of treatment though Seller may provide information about general protocol of application that should be passed to Customer's doctor or medical institution. Seller shall not be held accountable for any adverse effects and side effects caused by medicines and supplements. In case of any problems, Customer shall contact the maker directly. Seller can provide maker's contact details upon request. 
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