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Valsartan tablets 160 mg for hypertension and high blood pressure (Diovan)

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What are Valsartan tablets 160 mg for hypertension and high blood pressure (Diovan)?

Valsartan, a potent pharmaceutical agent renowned for its role in managing hypertension and heart failure, operates as an angiotensin II antagonist. This mechanism of action entails its selective binding to the angiotensin receptor subtype 1 (AT1), thereby preventing the binding of angiotensin II – a pivotal molecule in the regulation of blood pressure. This interaction takes place predominantly within the vasculature and cardiac tissues. 

Angiotensin II, a peptide hormone, plays a central role in regulating blood pressure through its potent vasoconstrictive and cardiac stimulatory effects. When it binds to the AT1 receptors, it triggers vasoconstriction of blood vessels, leading to an increase in systemic vascular resistance. This, in turn, raises blood pressure, placing an additional workload on the heart. Valsartan, acting as a selective AT1 receptor antagonist, competes with angiotensin II for binding sites on these receptors. By blocking the engagement of angiotensin II with AT1 receptors, Valsartan disrupts the cascade of events that culminate in vasoconstriction and cardiac stimulation. Consequently, blood vessels dilate, reducing vascular resistance, and the heart's workload diminishes, leading to a notable reduction in blood pressure.

The effectiveness of Valsartan in managing hypertension and related conditions is well-documented and spans a diverse range of patient demographics. Clinical studies have demonstrated its efficacy in:

Elderly Patients: Valsartan has proven its efficacy in lowering blood pressure in elderly individuals, a demographic often predisposed to hypertension due to age-related changes in vascular function.

Pediatric Patients: Children with hypertension have also benefited from Valsartan, making it a valuable option for managing high blood pressure in younger populations.

Diabetic Patients: Diabetes is frequently associated with hypertension, and Valsartan has shown effectiveness in reducing blood pressure in diabetic patients, helping to mitigate the cardiovascular risks associated with both conditions.

High-Risk Cardiovascular Patients: Individuals at high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, such as those with a family history of heart problems or a history of smoking, have experienced significant reductions in blood pressure with Valsartan therapy.

Ethnic Diversity: Valsartan's effectiveness extends to a broad spectrum of ethnic backgrounds, including African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asians, and other groups, making it a versatile choice for a multicultural patient population.

Furthermore, Valsartan tablets have demonstrated remarkable outcomes beyond just blood pressure reduction. They have been proven to reduce hospitalizations and mortality rates in patients suffering from heart failure. By alleviating the strain on the heart and improving its pumping efficiency, Valsartan plays a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of life and survival prospects for individuals with this condition.

Active principles: valsartan

Amount: 100 tablets

Maker: Sawai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Towa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. etc. 

Indications: hypertension

How to take

For adults: take 40-80 mg of the active principle at a time, once a day. The dosage should be adjusted according to the age or symptoms. However, daily dose may be increased to 160 mg.

For children aged 6 years and older: for children weighing less than 35 kg, take 20 mg of the active ingredient at a time, once a day. For children weighing 35 kg and more, take 40 mg at a time, once a day. The dosage should be adjusted according to the age, body weight or symptoms. However, for children weighing less than 35 kg, the maximum daily dose is restricted to 40 mg.

Please note that this product contains 160 mg of the active ingredient in a tablet. Contact us if you need a different concentration. 

Contraindications: do not use for the following patients:

  • pregnant, possibly pregnant or breastfeeding women,
  • patients with diabetes mellitus, renal disorder, hyperkalemia, 
  • patients who are scheduled to have a surgery,
  • patients on hemodialysis or low-salt diet.

Important information

As this medicine may cause dizziness or light-headedness due to the decrease in the blood pressure, patient should pay close attention when working at heights, driving a car or operating dangerous machinery.

If an allergic reaction occurs, patient needs to stop using the medicine and consult with their doctor. If patient is taking any other medication or treatment, they should consult with their doctor in advance.

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