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Squalene Shark Liver Oil – 1300 mg. for 1 Month (100% natural marine Squalene)

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What is Squalene shark liver oil for 1 month? 

Squalene soft capsules by Noguchi Medical Research Institute are renowned for their remarkable effectiveness in promoting overall health and well-being. The key active ingredient in these capsules is deep-sea shark liver oil, which contains 644 mg per capsule, with 99.7% of that being squalene. This high concentration of squalene sets the foundation for the supplement's exceptional health benefits.

Squalene, a natural organic compound, is known for its various physiological benefits. It plays a pivotal role in enhancing the body's immune system, aiding in the defense against infections and illnesses. Additionally, squalene possesses potent antioxidant properties, which help combat oxidative stress and prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals.

The mechanism of action behind the effectiveness of these soft capsules lies in the unique properties of squalene. As a component of shark liver oil, squalene contributes to maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, thereby supporting cardiovascular health. It also assists in regulating lipid metabolism, promoting the utilization of fats for energy and preventing their accumulation.

Moreover, squalene has been linked to skin health, as it assists in maintaining skin moisture and elasticity. This can contribute to a more youthful and vibrant complexion. Its anti-inflammatory properties further aid in managing skin conditions like acne and eczema.

Noguchi Medical Research Institute takes pride in the purity of their product, as these soft capsules contain no artificial colors or preservatives. This commitment to natural ingredients ensures that users receive the maximum benefits of squalene without any unnecessary additives.

Active principles: deep-sea shark liver oil 644 mg in 1 capsule (99.7% of squalene) 

Amount: 90 soft capsules

Maker: Noguchi Medical Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan


  • increasing immunity,
  • reducing cholesterol levels,
  • preventing cardiovascular events,
  • increasing energy amount,
  • increasing skin moisture and elasticity. 

How to take

Take 3 capsules a day with water, dividing into 1-3 times. 

Important information

This product does not contain artificial preservatives. Consume it as soon after opening as possible. Store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. 

If an allergic reaction occurs, patient needs to stop using the medicine and consult with their doctor. If patient is taking any other medication or treatment, they should consult with their doctor in advance.

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