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Sesden capsules 30 mg for gastritis, ulcer, urinary calculus and pancreatitis (timepidium bromide)

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What are Sesden capsules 30 mg for gastritis, ulcer, urinary calculus and pancreatitis (timepidium bromide)?

Sesden capsules incorporate timepidium bromide, an anticholinergic agent with a specific mechanism of action. This compound functions by inhibiting the action of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for communication between nerve cells and target cells. Through this inhibition, timepidium bromide effectively suppresses involuntary contractions within smooth muscles situated in the gastrointestinal and urinary tracts, as well as other areas of the body.

One noteworthy attribute of Sesden capsules is their peripheral mode of action. Due to the inability of timepidium bromide to breach the blood-brain barrier, its effects remain confined to peripheral bodily regions. As such, its therapeutic impact is limited to these areas, minimizing the risk of central nervous system-related side effects.

Sesden capsules demonstrate effectiveness across a spectrum of medical conditions, providing relief from symptoms like cramps, spasms, and pain. These conditions encompass gastritis, stomach or duodenal ulcers, enteritis, gall bladder or biliary tract disorders, urinary calculus, and pancreatitis.

Empirical research underscores the distinctive nature of timepidium bromide compared to alternative medications. Studies emphasize its influence on gastric tonus, showcasing its divergence from counterparts like hyoscine-N-butylbromide and prifinium bromide. When measured against these agents, timepidium bromide emerges as a more influential modulator of gastric tonus, which significantly impacts gastrointestinal contractions.

In essence, Sesden capsules utilize timepidium bromide's mechanism of action to regulate bodily processes. By targeting acetylcholine receptors, they effectively temper unwanted contractions, with these effects solely manifesting peripherally. This nuanced approach reduces the potential for central side effects. Across various ailments, Sesden capsules present a pragmatic option for individuals seeking relief from discomfort.

Active principles: timepidium bromide

Amount: 100 capsules

Maker: Nipro ES Pharma Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan

Indications: relieving cramps, spasms and pain in the following diseases and conditions:

  • gastritis,
  • stomach or duodenal ulcer,
  • enteritis,
  • gall bladder or biliary tract disease,
  • urinary calculus,
  • pancreatitis.

How to take

Adults should take 1 capsule (30 mg of the active principle) at a time, 3 times a day. Your doctor may adjust the dosage according to your disease, age and symptoms.

Contraindications: do not use for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Do not use for patients with glaucoma, difficulty in urination, heart disease, paralytic ileus, ulcerative colitis, or hyperthyroidism. Do not use in a hot environment.

Important information

As this medicine may cause dizziness or sleepiness, patient should avoid operating dangerous machinery, working at heights or driving a car while taking this medicine.

If an allergic reaction occurs, patient needs to stop using the medicine and consult with their doctor. If patient is taking any other medication or treatment, they should consult with their doctor in advance.

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