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Premium weight gain supplement Dr. Futore Max

Premium weight gain supplement Dr. Futore Max

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Premium weight gain
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What is Dr. Futore Max supplement for weight gain?

Dr. Futore Max supplement for weight gain was created by a team of expert nutritionists, pharmacists, and neurologists. In just two months, this premium supplement offers a rapid and effective solution to various challenges such as poor digestion, reduced appetite, inadequate weight and body fat percentage, organ displacement due to insufficient fat layer, as well as low energy levels and strength.

Dr. Futore Max supplement for weight gain contains whey protein with collagen that has been fermented and broken down into peptides. These peptides, unlike regular protein, provide 20% more amino acids and exhibit superior absorption efficiency. Additionally, this supplement includes fructose derived from sugar beets. Similar to sugar, fructose is a fast-acting carbohydrate that doesn't leave you feeling overly full. Unlike typical protein drinks that replace meals, Dr. Futore Max supplement for weight gain complements a healthy diet without causing a sense of satiety. Furthermore, fructose does not impact blood sugar levels.

Dr. Futore Max supplement for weight gain also incorporates piperine, natural ginger, and lactobacilli Bacillus coagulans. Piperine, an alkaloid found in peppers, accelerates the food breakdown process in the intestines and enhances the absorption of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Studies have indicated ginger's ability to stimulate appetite, while lactobacilli Bacillus coagulans produce beneficial lactic acid and bacteriocins, restoring the intestinal microflora. Notably, this strain of lactobacilli remains intact in the presence of gastric juice, effectively reaching the intestines and gradually being eliminated from the body.

Dr. Futore Max supplement for weight gain is suitable for a diverse range of individuals, including children aged six and above, seniors, men, and women. Athletes seeking muscle growth will appreciate that this supplement doesn't replace a regular meal, allowing it to be consumed with breakfast or dinner without causing a feeling of fullness. Individuals grappling with digestive issues, low body weight, and poor appetite can expect improved metabolic function and stabilized digestion after a two-month course of Dr. Futore Max. Moreover, this supplement proves beneficial for those facing underweight concerns stemming from psychological factors. Neurologists involved in its development have carefully determined the optimal concentration of cocoa polyphenols and gamma amino acids. Cocoa polyphenols, similar to chocolate, enhance mood by increasing serotonin levels, while gamma amino acids derived from sprouted rice promote better sleep quality, combat stress, enhance concentration, and alleviate anxiety.

Dr. Futore Max supplement for weight gain offers a safe and effective solution for individuals seeking weight and muscle gain. Developed by a team of experts, this supplement addresses various challenges related to digestion, appetite, weight management, and energy levels, providing a comprehensive approach to achieving desired results.

Active principles:

  • fermented decomposed protein, 
  • collagen, 
  • fructose, 
  • piperine, 
  • lactobacilli, 
  • ginger, 
  • cocoa polyphenols, 
  • gamma amino acid

Amount: 30 sachets for 1 month

Maker: Furusato Wakando Inc., Fukuoka, Japan


  • increasing appetite, 
  • normalization of digestion, 
  • increased intake of proteins and carbohydrates, 
  • relieving stress and anxiety.

How to take

Dissolve the contents of 1 sachet in 120 ml of milk. Take the supplement with your usual meal, for breakfast or dinner. Do not use more than 2 sachets a day. 

The recommended course duration is 2 months. 

Contraindications: pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult with their doctor before use. 

Important information

If an allergic reaction occurs, patient needs to stop using the medicine and consult with their doctor. If patient is taking any other medication or treatment, they should consult with their doctor in advance.

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