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Lasvic Tablets 75 mg for bacterial infections (antibiotic, quinolone, lascufloxacin)

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What are Lasvic Tablets 75 mg for bacterial infections (antibiotic, quinolone,  lascufloxacin)?

Lasvic tablets, containing lascufloxacin, have been approved for clinical use in Japan since 2019, primarily for the treatment of respiratory infections and otorhinolaryngological infections. The mechanism of action of Lasvic tablets centers on their potent antibacterial activity, particularly against the major causative organisms responsible for respiratory tract infections. The drug's efficacy is notable in its ability to outperform conventional quinolones, demonstrating superior activity, especially against oral streptococci and anaerobic bacteria. These particular pathogens have increasingly been recognized as the causative agents of community-acquired pneumonia.

Lascufloxacin, a fluoroquinolone antibiotic, functions by inhibiting the DNA gyrase and topoisomerase IV enzymes, crucial for bacterial DNA replication and repair. This mechanism ultimately results in the inhibition of bacterial growth and division. This dual targeting of essential enzymes in the bacterial DNA replication process contributes to Lasvic's effectiveness in combating a broad spectrum of bacterial strains implicated in respiratory and otorhinolaryngological infections.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that Lasvic tablets effectively mitigate the symptoms and clinical manifestations associated with respiratory infections. Notably, the drug exhibits robust activity against pathogens such as Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae, and Moraxella catarrhalis, which are common culprits in respiratory infections. Moreover, Lasvic's enhanced activity against anaerobic bacteria contributes to its effectiveness in addressing community-acquired pneumonia, where these bacteria have been increasingly recognized as causative agents.

Active principles: lascufloxacin hydrochloride

Amount: 50 tablets

Maker: Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

Indications: treatment of respiratory infections and otorhinolaryngological infections, including following:

  • community-acquired pneumonia,
  • secondary infection in chronic respiratory diseases, 
  • acute bronchitis, 
  • sinusitis, 
  • otitis media, 
  • tonsillitis, 
  • pharyngolaryngitis.

How to take

Adults should take 1 tablet (75 mg of the active principle) at a time, once a day.

Contraindications: do not use for patients with liver dysfunction, convulsive diseases such as epilepsy or a history of these diseases, cardiac diseases such as arrhythmia or ischemic heart disease, myasthenia gravis. Do not use for patients with aortic aneurysm or aortic dissection, or a history or family history of those, or Marfan syndrome, etc. Do not use for pregnant, possibly pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Important information

If an allergic reaction occurs, patient needs to stop using the medicine and consult with their doctor. If patient is taking any other medication or treatment, they should consult with their doctor in advance. 

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